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 Batiks By Jamie

 Modern Batik Art 

Batik is a fascinating and intricate process. What I love about the technique is the ability to achieve brilliant colors, the smooth flow of hot wax into fabric, and the perpetual source of fun that batik provides.

Batik is an ancient art form that uses hot wax, fabric and dyes to create unique images.The random cracks that appear in the wax resist during the dying process allows the dye to penetrate in random patterns and spider web textures giving each piece a unique dignity.

My process begins with a vision, then moves onto creating the design specific to what each customer requests. All parts of the process to the framing are hand made. Brushes and tools are used to apply wax and the dye. More dye and wax are then applied until the effect is reached. Then I remove the hardened wax by boiling it out.

When I create art it is similar to meditation for me. It requires patience, a steady hand and a thought out plan to execute each design. The results are being in the moment, and enjoying the outcome, and the joy that the art brings to people.

My Mission:

To keep the art of batik alive and show the versatility that modern batik has in the world of design and home decor creating one of a kind art that embodies the uniqueness of you.

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